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Brightec Web Technologies Private Limited is a business that specializes in Recruitment Process Offshore (RPO) services. They have created a unique solution to help businesses lower their recruitment costs while improving their revenue. Their team forms of highly skilled and professional offshore recruiters who can work for businesses remotely, just like an onsite recruiter. This allows businesses to enjoy the advantages of having a dedicated recruitment team without having to bear the additional costs of setting up an onsite team.
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Sometimes You Just Need a Good Recruiter

Sourcing and Candidate Research

Temporary Staffing Provides Immediate Impact

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Brightec web seamlessly integrate to recruit on behalf of organization.


The Brightec web approach is unique within the RPO industry.

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Consistent, predictable results that are metrics driven.


Establish metrics and reporting structure specific to your organization.

"Simplify Hiring with Customized Recruitment Process Services"

Our professional recruitment teams work seamlessly with your hiring leaders to deliver the right skill at any scale, releasing up your time and resources to concentrate on other important aspects of your business. Simplify your hiring process and drive business growth.

6 Years Of Experience

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145 Best Consultants

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92 Awards Winning

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